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Stick Skill Personal Development

Personal Strength, Plyometric, speed development

Group Training

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Strength, Speed, Plyometric Training

Speed is what makes elite hockey players elite. The problem is speed is not only built on the ice but off the ice as well. Training your feet and body to move quicker is an art that takes hours upon hours of practice in order to see it translate to the ice. Every high-level hockey player has one thing in common and that is their ability to move up and down the ice not only fast but efficiently as well.  Fox Valley Hockey Training is COMPLETELY dedicated to this part of hockey and will do whatever it takes to ensure that every athlete leaves the facility every day a tenth of a second faster.

Personal Strength, Diet, Speed Development
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Stick Skills Personal Development

Become quicker, faster, stronger with the puck. With our hour-long stick skill lessons, players learn different tips & tricks on how to beat a goaltender, improve their shot release while also improving on various shots from various angles, become "automatic" with their shot aim, soften their hands, speed up the quickness of their stick, and much much more.

Stick Skills Personal Development
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Group Training

Have a group of 6-12 athletes looking for strengthspeed/plyometric, stick skills, or on-ice training? Book now to receive a discounted rate!

*Minimum of 6 athletes must sign up for your group to be added to the schedule, a maximum of 12 athletes per session.*

*Contact Blake Hackbarth for extra info.*

Group Training
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