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Be Ready Hockey Program

Alright! Got about 50 "interested" families for my Be Ready Hockey Program!

I believe in being fully transparent and that is something I believe people appreciate. Nothing is more frustrating than being confused as to what you are spending your money on, I get that!

I have created an entire page dedicated to explaining the program as well as a rough start date and end date (May 1st - July 10th.) Everything can be found at this link, I believe it covers just about any questions one may have and the outline for dates of the program:

I will not accommodate people wanting to be in certain groups. Once I get the total number of sign-ups I am going to set up the groups as I see fit based on how I can get the practices to run smoothly. This is not a program that is going to have 60 kids on the ice and consider itself "Individualized Skills" or "Individualized Power-Skating." You cannot build skills with that many players on the ice as it is so hectic and crowded. The ideal group size will be 6 with 8 being the absolute max. Obviously, the official start of the "new hockey season" is August 31st (meaning the players go from Squirts to Peewee's for example.) Players will be paired based on their birth year.

I love to skate, pass, and shoot and believe those are the absolute most important parts of the game. I am going to absolutely hammer these skills over the course of the program.

Be Ready Hockey is a program dedicated to helping athletes make the next jump in their hockey careers. The goal of the program is to move "C" players to the "B" team, "B" to "A", or if already on the A team put up better numbers than ever before while creating better humans and scholars away from the rink.

I am going to cap the number of sign up's at 32, so again just being totally transparent in two days I received 50 "interested" families so please be cognizant of that if you want to sign up because the spots could evaporate quickly!

Here is the link to sign up (it's about 3 quarters of the way down the page on purpose because I want you to read the layout 😂:

The program will take place in three different spots:

AFIC - On ice

Fox Valley Hockey Training - Off ice

Prairie View Park - Conditioning

Sorry for the novel but I know being truthful, informative, and transparent is the only way I will operate Fox Valley Hockey Training

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