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Strength, Diet, Recovery Book

Strength, Diet, Recovery Book


This plan is 40+ pages and was developed by coaches through a plethora of leagues ranging from pro, NCAA D1/D3, junior, college, AAA, and Prep hockey. How you fuel your body is just as important as the amount of exercise that you do PROPERLY! With the purchase of this plan you will drastically increase your ability not only off the ice but on the ice as well.

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Athletes that are at the top of their sport invest in strength, and diet training. The difference is they have thousands and sometimes millions of excess cash they are able to put into their training. How frustrating is it that athletes that aren't making millions can't also train like the pros? Well, that is what we created! In fact, this plan has been created over nearly 6 years of perfecting and is finally ready to be offered to athletes.

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