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Bulldogs Hockey Training

"creating better humans, scholars, athletes"

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Program outline

Bulldogs Hockey Training is a program that works in tandem with Appleton Family Ice and Blake Hackbarth dedicated to preparing youth hockey players on a frequent basis over the summer. How frustrating is it that other sports such as football, basketball, etc get entire training programs dedicated to helping them achieve athletic success in their respective sport? As we all know you can't train a hockey player like a lineman, point guard, or body-builder for example. Vastly improve your edges and stick skills with TWO AND A HALF hours of weekly individualized skill sessions. Blake Hackbarth and Appleton Family Ice will work tirelessly to ensure each athlete is in the best position to reach their goals outside the Fox Valley.

Groups will be split as follows:

  • Mites

  • Squirts

  • Peewees

  • Bantams

  • High School (depends on interest, and Blake Hackbarth's following of WIAA contact rules)


  • June-August


  • To be determined

Added Benefits

  • Discounted private training sessions


  • On -ice, sessions will take place at Community First Champion Center


  • Starting date to be decided

Interest Form

Thanks for your interest!

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