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Offseason Hockey Development

"creating better humans, scholars, athletes"

Program outline

Offseason Hockey Development is a program created by Blake Hackbarth dedicated to preparing high-level hockey players for the next level of their careers. How frustrating is it that other sports such as football, basketball, etc get entire training programs dedicated to helping them achieve athletic success in their respective sport? As we all know you can't train a hockey player like a lineman, point guard, or body-builder for example. Train all spring & summer without breaking the bank with Certified Personal Trainer/Diet coach Blake Hackbarth who has played or coached at a plethora of levels. In addition to the training aspect, Blake Hackbarth and the entire Recruitment Hockey team will work tirelessly to ensure each athlete is in the best position to reach their goals outside the Fox Valley.

Groups will be split as follows:

  • 7th grade - 12th grade


  • June-August


  • $5 per dryland conditioning session

  • $10 strength session

  • $25 on-ice session (shooting will immediately follow skating on ice) 

Added Benefits

  • At-home strength, diet, and recovery book

  • Discounted private training sessions

  • Advisor benefits - helping players reach junior college, and pro hockey through the help of Recruitment Hockey


  • On -ice, sessions will take place at Appleton Family Ice Center

  • Off-ice conditioning sessions will take place at Prairie Hill Park

  • Strength training sessions will take place at the House of Hockey


  • Tuesdays (bulk training) starting June 11th and ending August 27th

  • Wednesdays (skating/shooting) starting June 12th and ending August 28th

  • Thursdays (conditioning) starting June 13th and ending August 29th

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