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On ICe Training

"creating better humans, scholars, athletes"

On Ice lesson Emphasis

Stick Skills (up to 8 athletes can participate at once)

  • What does this lesson cover?

    • Skating

    • Passing

    • Puck Handling

    • Speed/Efficiency

    • Hockey IQ

  • Where?

    • Wherever ice is available (typically AFIC - 1717 E Witzke Blvd, Appleton, WI 54911)

    • Anything located more than 25 miles outside of 54952 will incur an additional fee to offset drive time

  • Price?

    • The cost for Fox Valley Hockey Training to come out to practice is billed at $70/hr

      • Keep in mind that ice rental is "typically" in the ballpark of $250-$300/hr​

  • Transition your off-ice skills to the real deal!

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    50 min

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