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Check out our "maintenance Program!"

WE GET IT! Kids need to be kids and hockey isn't their only sport in a lot of cases.

We are happy to announce the inception of the "Maintenance Program" nothing elaborate just a monthly commitment of four hours so that you don't go into your next hockey season not having touched a hockey stick. Of course, in order to see quicker development, you are going to want to dedicate more than a few hours per month to the game of hockey. However, this isn't always feasible as a family or for a young athlete's schedule.

The Maintenance Program offers a great opportunity for athletes to stay fresh without a huge commitment. This program is an awesome way to keep the rust off as you gear up for the next hockey season while still enjoying the life of being a kid.

In addition to being a great offseason tool, this program also offers a way to get a leg up on your peers during the hockey season. Doing that extra little bit is where you start to pass the others in your age range.

Sign up by following this link: Maintenance Program Sign Up

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